Filthy Rich

Here it is…it’s screwed up but whatever


Take a listen

If you aren’t too occupied but are under a lot of stress, I suggest you listen to this album. It’s very comforting, and a fresh breath of air by one of my favorite artists.
This song in particular is something I can truly hold as one of my favorite songs, out of the pure joy it gives to me.

Almost done…

Today I go in class to add the final touches for the animation.  Sound has been fully recorded and is being carefully placed in the timeline, and the backgrounds are all there.
Even all that I did previously I reanimated over and made to look of more higher quality.


As a growing teen, Newgrounds was one of the major sources I’d go to to find entertainment. It is a website made of flash animations,  games, and art; anyone could join and submit their work because it didn’t matter if you were bad or good, it was just more content out there for the public. On this website I found what was at the time the funniest s*** I’d ever heard and seen.  One  in particular stands out, and that is the artist Arin Hanson’s parody of the video game series Metal Gear. As a fan it hit on all the right notes, and this dudes humor stood as something I could relate to. Even now I still follow what work he’s been up to lately and it amazes it.

Here’s the link, so go have a look.


I can see why the use of symbols are important; it makes the industry move at such a faster and more productive rate. However as I progressed with the project I realized that this method of animating was not for me, and instead I opted towards “Frame by Frame”. It was more annoying but it all played out well in the end.


How I began the project was working backwards from the end scene to the beginning.  For a while it worked and then I made a breakthrough and actually knew what I was doing.  The last few hundred frames were not made with the most care and so I made it my duty to at least attempt re drawing every individual frame before the due date.
So far, it’s working! And I only need to do a little more so by the end of today’s class I should be finished.